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SAT Prep Tips

More than three million college admissions tests are administered each year, making the SAT and the ACT® two of the most important exams that a high school student will ever take. With the fall tests coming up, the college admissions process can really be a time of anxiousness, with the high stakes of college entrance exams being a major contributor.

Here are a few test tips that are aimed to help ease nerves and help students do well at the tests.
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  • Start studying early: Help your child set up a study schedule months in advance to allow leisurely preparation and eliminate the need for cramming.
  • Encourage effort: College entrance exams will have a big influence on your child’s college admissions. Be honest that it is an important test and that your child needs to take it seriously, try his/her best, relax, and remain calm.
  • Take practice tests: Taking multiple practice tests will make your test-takers feel more comfortable with the testing experience and remove much of the mystery involved with college entrance exams.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: Studies have found that stress is elevated by fatigue. Be sure that your child has plenty of uninterrupted sleep a few days prior to the test date.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast: The SAT and ACT® are generally offered in the morning, so having a healthy breakfast will keep your child energized for a long day, allowing him/her to stay focused and alert.
  • Come early and prepared: Make sure your child is at the test site early, and has all of his/her testing supplies. Being late or missing materials will cause unnecessary stress your child does NOT need.
  • Stay calm: This can be a very nerve-racking time for students. Remind them that testing is only one piece of the admissions puzzle and reassure them of your confidence and pride in all they have accomplished!