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Econometrics Tutor: Timothy O. from Chapel Hill, NC

About Timothy O. from Chapel Hill, NC

Hi, I’m Timothy O. from Chapel Hill, NC and I love Econometrics – I want to be your Econometrics Tutor today! I am a Econometrics Tutor in Chapel Hill to help you learn to apply mathematical methods, probability, to economic data. tutoring by tim o’brien – Tutor near Chapel Hill, NC chemistry tutorI can tutor, including help with homework and essays, all levels of economics from high school or 101 to MBA and PhD. Besides Micro and Macro, I can help with econometrics, IO, labor, health, economic history, money & banking, statistics, math for economics (including calculus, matrix algebra, real analysis and probability).Patience is my watchword. I am good at breaking down economic concepts to whatever background you bring to it. I will help you not only learn the concepts, but de

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  • Rate: $60
  • Travel Radius: 5
  • Excel Tutor in Chapel Hill, NC, 27514

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Introduction to Econometrics

Econometrics is the unified study of economic models, mathematical statistics, and economic data. Because Economics is a social science, there is great care to see that mathematical methods are applied to social phenomena. Because there’s a lot of Math involved, Econometrics includes learning formal mathematical notation, probability, statistics, and learning how to interpret the data within the context of social behavior related to economic incentives. To get a more in-depth introduction to econometrics, you can download this Econometrics Help PDF here. Get some help and email Timothy O. from Chapel Hill, NC to be your Econometrics Tutor in Chapel Hill, NC today!

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