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CFA Exam Tutor: Lidija G. from Chicago, IL

About Lidija G. from Chicago, IL

All about Math & Finance – Tutor near Chicago, IL

In addition to CFA Exam Prep, my one-on-one guidance can help you pass the CFA Exam!

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My education has a huge impact to who I’m today. Currently, I’m a graduate MBA student at Keller Graduate School of Management (KGMS) at Chicago Loop center. In addition, since April 2009, I’m part-time tutor for math, statistics, finance and accounting for undergraduate and graduate students at KGMS.My undergraduate education started in Electrical Engineering program, where I completed 2.5 years and transferred to technical management program with concentration of electrical engineering

CFA Exam Tutor Subject List

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accounting, algebra 1, algebra 2, CFA, differential equations, finance, geometry, physics, prealgebra, statistics, trigonometry

CFA Exam Tutor Details

  • Rate: $40
  • Travel Radius: 40
  • Chicago, IL, 60657

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