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SAT Math Tutor and SAT Math Practice Problems

Search here for the right SAT Math Tutor or SAT Prep Course to help you ace the SAT and get accepted to College of your choice.

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The Math skills required for the SAT are of a basic standard that should be within the reach of a tenth grade student. You don’t need to learn up lots of new formulae but you will need to sharpen up your thinking skills.

One thing you’ll need is a lot of SAT Math Practice Problems and to help you with your SAT Math Prep, you’ll need to find an SAT Math Tutor.

Below, you’ll find over 3 thousands well-qualified and affordable SAT Math Tutors to help you do well on the SAT Math Questions.

Questions are of two main types:

  • Problem solving – multiple choice (5 answer choices)
  • Student-produced response questions (‘grid-ins’)

The three Math sections are organized as follows:

  • One section of 25 minutes containing 8 problem solving questions and 10 grid-ins
  • One section of 25 minutes containing 20 problem solving questions
  • One section of 20 minutes containing 16 problem solving questions

You will see that there are a total of 54 scored math questions on one test [Remember that each actual SAT test contains one experimental section of 25 minutes; this section could be math, writing or critical reading. Experimental sections will not be scored… they are used for research purposes.]

Math questions on the SAT will be of different difficulty levels. Each section will start out easy, move to medium level and end with hard questions.

In any of the question types you may be tested on basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry and a few miscellaneous topics (mainly data interpretation and applied math).

SAT Prep Tips

More than three million college admissions tests are administered each year, making the SAT and the ACT® two of the most important exams that a high school student will ever take. With the fall tests coming up, the college admissions process can really be a time of anxiousness, with the high stakes of college entrance […]

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SAT Math Tutor: Mindy R. from Yuma, AZ

About Mindy R. from Yuma, AZ English, Math, and Science – All of the important stuff! – Tutor near Yuma, AZ If you need help in English, math, or science, I can tutor you in any of these subjects. My High School GPA was a 3.98. My undergraduate GPA in college was 3.95. I have graduated […]

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SAT Math Tutor: Marites C. from Yucaipa, CA

About Marites C. from Yucaipa, CA Math/Science teacher – Tutor near Yucaipa, CA I had more than 20 years of teaching experience in the Philippines, my home country. I handled math, accounting, natural sciences and English.I was a substitute teacher with the Moreno Valley Unified School District for the SY 2007-2008. I had to change my […]

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SAT Math Tutor: John C. from York, PA

About John C. from York, PA English Science Math tutor SAT, high school, and middle school – Tutor near York, PA Just graduated college and saving up money to move back to NYC! I trained as an SAT tutor and this fall I tutored a group of two for their NYC high school admissions exam. I’ve […]

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SAT Math Tutor: Sarah P. from Winter Park, FL

About Sarah P. from Winter Park, FL Middle school, high school and college English and math tutoring – Tutor near Winter Park, FL I am a college student studying geology. I scored a 2300 on my SAT with a 780 in math, 770 in verbal, and 750 in writing. I am available most weekdays as well […]

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SAT Math Tutor: Sarah H. from Wilkes Barre, PA

About Sarah H. from Wilkes Barre, PA Secondary Math Tutor – Tutor near Wilkes Barre, PA I graduated from college in 2009 from Kutztown University, and I am certified to teach mathematics for grades 7 through 12. I base teaching and tutoring techniques on what the student needs are. It has always been my dream to […]

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