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GMAT Tutor in Atlanta

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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a test that has been produced by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), and is used to help business schools in making admissions decisions. The GMAT test is taken by students who are applying for admission to either MBA or other graduate management programs. The GMAT test is given in English only, and it tests analytical writing, quantitative, and verbal skills.

GMAT Tutor: John R. from Tallahassee, FL

About John R. from Tallahassee, FL Financial professional with MBA/CPA looking for tutoring – Tutor near Tallahassee, FL I graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Economics (Minor in Mathematics and Political Science). After three years as a Naval Officer I returned to Stanford for an MBA (finance). I worked for a public accounting firm […]

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GMAT Tutor: Paul C. from Birmingham, AL

About Paul C. from Birmingham, AL Making it easy for you to learn is my specialty – Tutor near Birmingham, AL It is very rewarding (fun, exciting) to see students get to be great at a subject that used to be difficult for them. With my help, you can learn at a pace that is comfortable […]

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GMAT Tutor: Lakeisha S. from Nashville, TN

About Lakeisha S. from Nashville, TN Wisdom Is A Prize virtue – Tutor near Nashville, TN My extensive background in science started in August, GA at A. R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet High School. I graduated in the health science track and making pass plus on each subject of the Georgia High School Graduation […]

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GMAT Tutor: Ashish P. from Concord, NC

About Ashish P. from Concord, NC Love Teaching as a Science – Guranteed improvement – Tutor near Concord, NC Hi! My name is Ash (short for Ashish). I am a highly qualified math tutor with a bachelor’s degree in math and computer science. I have taught kids from elementary Schools to university grads. I really enjoy […]

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GMAT Tutor: Lee A. from Huntsville, AL

About Lee A. from Huntsville, AL 780/800 GRE Math, 750 GMAT, 33/36 ACT Math – Tutor near Huntsville, AL Former Computer Science and MIS instructor at the University of Alabama. Won large scholarships by scoring extremely well on standardized tests like GRE, GMAT, ACT, and Miller Analogies. Usually 99th percentile. I like teaching and I think […]

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GMAT Tutor: Serigne S. from Charlotte, NC

About Serigne S. from Charlotte, NC Serigne MBA/Finance/French Bilingual – Tutor near Charlotte, NC I’m a MBA holder with a concentration in finance. I have an interesting and furnished educational bacgroud. I’m trilingual; i speak English, French and Wolof. I’m proficient with the common microsoft office applications: Access, Excel, Word and Powerpoint.I believe that each student […]

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