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The ASVAB is a necessary test to have a career in the US Military – Navy, Air Force, and Marines. You’ll need an ASVAB Tutor to help you, download a free ASVAB Practice Test, and view an ASVAB Sample Test.

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Oct 4, 2008 by Max the Tutorphoto of 'Chinese Tutor'

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ASVAB is a tough exam and one you need to do well in for your future military career. Find an ASVAB tutor today.

Navy Seals ASVAB Requirements

With the recent finding and killing of Osama Bin Laden, there is likely a surge of interest in the Navy Seals – how to become a Navy Seal, Navy Seal Training, Navy Seal Requirements, and how to pass the ASVAB for the Navy Seals. Each year, about 1,200 Sailors are given the opportunity to attend […]

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ASVAB Tutor: Paul F. from Blue Springs, MO

About Paul F. from Blue Springs, MO asvab, self defense tutor, also math and science help offered – Tutor near Blue Springs, MO I am leaving for the U.S. Navy boot camp March 15 201. My field is advanced electronics computer field. I am a very understanding and outgoing person. I love to teach and I […]

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ASVAB Tutor: Abraham G. from San Jose, CA

About Abraham G. from San Jose, CA Your Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Physics, Trigonometry Tutor – Tutor near San Jose, CA For the last 3 years, I have taught After School program as a volunteer for K-7 in Photo Journalism and Electronics Arts in an elementary and middle school. In many presentations, I designed and built 2D/3D […]

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ASVAB Tutor: James M. from Charlotte, NC

About James M. from Charlotte, NC Math Can Make Sense – Tutor near Charlotte, NC Hi! My name is Jim M. I am a highly qualified math tutor with a bachelor’s degree in math and computer science with certification to teach high school math. I began teaching after a 25+ year career as a computer software […]

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ASVAB Tutor: Stephanie S. from Memphis, TN

About Stephanie S. from Memphis, TN Licensed Middle School Teacher – Tutor near Memphis, TN With over seven years in education, I am very experienced and versatile. I am an All-State Musician, both vocally and instrumentally, and I am highly qualified and licensed to teach in Tennessee and Alabama. I am currently teaching 6th grade social […]

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ASVAB Tutor: Joseph K. from Memphis, TN

About Joseph K. from Memphis, TN Professional Tutor for ALL Math and Science Classes – Tutor near Memphis, TN I provide professional one on on tutoring in ALL math and science classes. I have an advanced degree in chemistry which has required me to master vast scientific and mathematical concepts.I have been providing tutoring services in […]

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