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Student Goal Setting

Setting goals is a great skill to have in life, but it’s often learned and tested while you are a student. So, it’s imperative that you learn to set goals, keep goals, evaluate performance against goals as a student. Below are a few tips on how to do that. So, put your ipod away, quit […]

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Back To School Tips

For some students, this year will be a “transition year,” time to go from an elementary to middle school or a middle to high school. These transition years can be exciting and full of promise, but they can also cause some anxiety. Research and common sense tell us that the first year in a new […]

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Pets Help You to Learn

My wife loves birds. They have a calming affect on us and – believe or not – they can also help us to learn. Imagine reading a book for your chemistry class and your chemistry tutor is not available, if you have a pet, make sure they are close by to comfort you and help […]

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Private Tutor: How a Tutor Can Help

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In Salt Lake City, Granger High School is part of an education reform plan to raise graduation rates and reduce class failures. Last year, the High School received $2 Million in education funding. Since then, the High School has used to money to do the following: Reduce class by 1/2 for Sophomore English and Math. […]

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Tiger Mom Secret Weapon: A Private Tutor

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Most of us know about the Tiger Mom controversy – Amy Chua, the self-labeled Tiger Mom – is a Chinese mom who did not allow her daughters Sophia and Louisa to do the following: No Sleep Overs No Play Dates No School Plays No TV or Computer Games Can’t Choose Extracurricular activites No other instruments […]

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Braille Tutor: Sharon H. from Towson, MD

About Sharon H. from Towson, MD Hi, I’m Sharon H. from Towson, MD and I love Braille – I want to be your Braille Tutor today! I am a Braille Tutor in Towson to help you learn to communicate in Braille. Sharon in Towson, Maryland – Tutor near Towson, MD I have a doctoral degree […]

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