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The best way to learn a new “human” language is to speak it right from the outset, listening and repeating, leaving the intricacies of the grammar for later. The same applies to computer languages; to learn C and C++, we must start writing C and C++ programs as quickly as possible.

Dennis Ritchie designed and implemented the first C compiler on a PDP-11 (a prehistoric machine by today’s standards, yet one which had enormous influence on modern scientific computation). The C language was based on two (now defunct) languages: BCPL, written by Martin Richards, and B, written by Ken Thompson in 1970 for the first UNIX system on a PDP-7. The original “official” C language was the “K & R” C, the nickname coming from the names of the two authors of the original “The C Programming Language”. In 1988, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) adopted a “new and improved” version of C, known today as “ANSI C”. This is the version described in the current edition of “The C Programming Language — ANSI C”. The ANSI version contains many revisions to the syntax and the internal workings of the language, the major ones being improved calling syntax for procedures and standarization of most (but, unfortunately, not quite all!) system libraries.

C Tutor: Linu D. from Phoenix, AZ

About Linu D. from Phoenix, AZ Good Teaching Skills in Subjects like Computers, SQL, Maths – Tutor near Phoenix, AZ I have my Masters in Computer Applications and I have close to 4 years of IT experience.I have good teaching skills and will be able to provide in-depth coaching in subjects like Computers, Maths. Maths: I […]

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C Tutor: Gregory P. from Visalia, CA

About Gregory P. from Visalia, CA Computer and Math Tutor – Tutor near Visalia, CA I have successfully been teaching college level computer courses for the past 14 years. My expertise in the job field has been computer programming, mainly SQL and Visual Basic. Lately I have branched out into web development. I have almost thirty […]

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C Tutor: Wu F. from Ruston, LA

About Wu F. from Ruston, LA MATH/PHYSICS TUTOR – Tutor near Ruston, LA I’m a math graduate with a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. I have a strong background in math, statistics, computer science, engineering and physics. I’m able to tutor at the student home, library or any […]

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C Tutor: Allan L. from Waldwick, NJ

About Allan L. from Waldwick, NJ Mathematics and Computer Tutor – Tutor near Waldwick, NJ Hello, students. My Bachelor of Science is in mathematics / physics from the Stevens Institute of Technology (1977), and my Master of Science in Computer Science was received from the same school in 1982. I have more than 30 years of […]

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C Tutor: Daphne Z. from Plano, TX

About Daphne Z. from Plano, TX Mathematics Professor – Tutor near Plano, TX I am a visiting assistant professor in math department of University of Dallas now. I have taught math courses in SMU for two years. I am a math Ph.D. I’d like to help you with your math. C/C++ Tutor Subject List C++, Chinese, […]

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C Tutor: Henry S. from Newport Beach, CA

About Henry S. from Newport Beach, CA Math, Science and Computer Tutor – Tutor near Newport Beach, CA I'm currently working as an engineering project manager. I have tutored students in college in the following areas:- Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-calculus- Microsoft Office Tools- Project management- Statistics- Spanish Language- Computer Graphics and photography- Computer languages (C/C++, .NET)- […]

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