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Anatomy Tutor: Xuan Z. from Elmhurst, NY

About Xuan Z. from Elmhurst, NY

Hi, I’m Xuan Z. from Elmhurst, NY and I love Anatomy and Physiology – I want to be your Anatomy Tutor today! I am an Anatomy Tutor in Elmhurst and am here to help you. This Chinese Artist – Tutor near Elmhurst, NY

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Please call me Jessica, it’s easier to pronounce. I am currently anticipating a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from the Fashion Institute of Technology SUNY (May of 2011) and I’m a native Chinese born and raised. I’ve been a Chinese tutor for over a year now and I’ve also tutored in drawing before. [Read More …]

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American history, art history, Chinese, elementary (k-6th), English, ESL/ESOL, general computer, networking (computer), Regents, special needs, study skills, world history, writing [Read More …]

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  • Rate: $40
  • Anatomy Tutor in Elmhurst, NY, 11373

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Anatomy and Physiology

If you are searching for an Anatomy Tutor, then you are probably considering going to Medical School. To be accepted into Medical School, you must do well on the MCAT, as well as have a firm grasp of the basics of the Human Anatomy. The study of Human Anatomy comprises several sub specialties in Physiology and Anatomy. Namely, they are:

  1. Skeletal Anatomy
  2. Digestive Anatomy
  3. Muscular Anatomy
  4. Lymphatic Anatomy
  5. Endocrine Anatomy
  6. Nervous System Anatomy
  7. Cardiovascular Anatomy
  8. Male Reproductive Anatomy
  9. Female Reproductive Anatomy
  10. Urinary Anatomy

Any comprehensive study of the Human Anatomy will include the above topics. Get some help and email Xuan Z. from Elmhurst, NY to be your Anatomy Tutor in Elmhurst, NY today!

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