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Accounting Tutor: John H. from Bronx, NY

About John H. from Bronx, NY

Finance, CFA Prep, Financial Accounting, Economics, Financial Analysis – Tutor near Bronx, NY

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With two degrees in Economics from Columbia, a former CFA charter holder (stopped paying dues after retirement), and 30+ years experience in international banking in Asia and the U.S., this retired banker can help you understand finance and economics both in academic and practical terms. I managed and taught major bank training programs. I’m experienced in dealing with bank fraud,and in teaching others to avoid fraud. For CFA candidates, I’ve tutored individuals, taught classes, and written c

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accounting, algebra 1, algebra 2, business, CFA, economics, finance, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint

Accounting  Tutor Details

  • Rate: $50
  • Bronx, NY, 10463

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