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Accounting Tutor: Ferrell D. from Atlanta, GA

About Ferrell D. from Atlanta, GA

Accounting and Business Tutor, Summa Cum-Laude Graduate with MBA – Tutor near Atlanta, GA

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I love working with students and helping them to increase their aptitude in a given subject. I love seeing the confidence increase throughout our time working together. My favorite subjects to tutor are accounting and business related subjects but I am also available for other areas, depending on the need.In regards to past experience, I worked as a tutor for the Florida State University Athletic lab tutoring freshmen and sophomore athletes in the subjects of accounting, economics, and stati

Accounting Tutor Subject List

chemistry tutor
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accounting, business, finance, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word

Accounting  Tutor Details

  • Rate: $60
  • Atlanta, GA, 30307

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