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Accounting Tutor: ALAN G. from Delray Beach, FL

About ALAN G. from Delray Beach, FL

Accounting, Business, Economics, Excel, Finance, Tax Preparation, Word – Tutor near Delray Beach, FL

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I have a B.S. from New York University(majored in Accounting) and an MBA from City University(majored in Finance).I am an experienced tutor in accounting, bookkeeping, economics, finance, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, quick books, tax preparation and excellent PC skills.I retired from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2007 after 15 years as Assistant Controller. I was also responsible for reporting, budgeting, inventory and year end auditing. I have worked with auditors, Price Waterh

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accounting, business, economics, finance, general computer, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Quick Books, tax preparation

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  • Rate: $35
  • Delray Beach, FL, 33446

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